Our price sheet / cost list is there to help you get an idea off how much your project will cost and make sure you are getting your value for money. Please get in contact to book your shoot and get it locked in.

Videographer Cost:

Single camera, lighting and sound - £300 a day

Two Cameras, lighting and sound - £500 a day

Two Camera Operators, Lighting and sound - £600 a day

(1 day = 9 hours max Inc. Breaks)

Editing cost:

1 Days Editing - £300 (2 Sets of Amends Inc.)

(Up to 5 min video or live event)

Video production cost:

Sound Engineer per day – £500

Production Assistant per day – £200

Voiceovers – £300

Social edit - £180 per video

Transcription - £100 (per 10 mins)

Auto Transcription - £25 (per 10 mins)

Subtitles - £100 (per 5 mins)

Additional Foreign Subtitles - £100 (per 5 mins, per language)

Animated Video:

Explainer Video

up to 120 seconds - £500 per video

Logo Animation - £300

Podcast Production:

Up to 1 hour show - £600 - Uncut

Edited Podcast - £1000+

Please ask for more tailored quote

Wedding Photography &/or Video - From £1500

Overtime – £100 Per hour

Accommodation, Travel and Sustenance charged at cost     

Mileage @ £0.45 Per Mile

A 50% non Refundable deposit will been needed to secure your booking


All prices are subject to expenses and are just a rough idea of pricing due to every project being different.

Contact us to get your quote drawn up!


Video Production Cost and Price List