Why is video marketing so important

Why is video marketing so important

Do you feel like you have tried everything? Are your current advertising methods not yielding the results that they used to? Maybe you are missing something. Given that people watch over 1 billion hours’ worth of YouTube videos daily, maybe traditional advertising methods just won’t cut it anymore. As a video production company operating out of London, one of the busiest cities in the world, we can attest to the fact that incorporating videos into your marketing strategy are a sure way to take your rankings to the next level.

“But we’ve been posting video clips on our Facebook and Instagram, why have our conversion rates not improved?” Well presently, video marketing has gone beyond just recording videos of company events and slapping them on your social media page. There’s so much more you could be doing with the power of video. You could be creating explainer videos, product demos, event trailers, interview videos and several other video types. The possibilities are endless!

Think about it. Do you observe the engagement patterns on your personal social media pages? Have you noticed that posts with videos usually get more engagement that plain old text and photo posts? Now imagine if you harness that power for your business. At this point, any business that is serious about securing their place in the hearts of their customers, needs to wake up and start thinking video marketing.

In case you didn’t already know, here are some reasons why video marketing is important for your business:

Videos increase conversion rates:

It is not enough to launch marketing campaigns and just go to sleep. You have to measure whether you’re actually generating leads and improving your conversion rates. Studies have shown that 70% of millennials will click on a marketing video when shopping online. Now they do not just see pictures of what you’re selling, they get to see videos of your products in action. What do you think? Are they more likely to purchase or not? You already know the answer. Videos are more likely to convince a purchase than any other form of media. This is exactly why your business needs to increase their video marketing efforts.

Videos are more informative and educative:

Have you ever read product or service descriptions and wondered, “What exactly are these people trying to say? What exactly are they selling?” This will almost never happen if there was an explainer video for that product or service. You are probably not the only business in your industry; the customers are impatient. Your buyers have so many other choices that a slight indication of difficulty might just cause them to move along from your product. Investing in video production will ensure that this never happens. Video marketing will give the customers a closer look at your products and the value thay have to offer.

Video Marketing improves your SEO scores:

You know search engines love a good video. Given the amount of traffic that video content attract, sites with video content will rank higher than those without.  According to research by Video Explainers, including video content on your website can increase your chances of ending up on the first page of Google by 53 times. If you don’t want your business to be left behind, think video marketing.

Creating video content for a successful marketing campaign is no mean feat. That is why if you are serious about getting it right, you need to consult a professional. At Fox and Falcon, we specialize in customizing services to meet our customers’ needs. London is one of the world’s busiest business cities. Trust me, you are most likely not the only company in your line of business. For you to break through the market with video marketing, you need a video production company that understands not just videography but what it means to be a video production Company in London. In that case, dear London and Berkshire business owners, Fox and Falcon is your final stop.