What Makes a Great Explainer Video?

Anyone can create a video. In fact, anyone with an iPhone or basic recording skills can create a good video. However, it takes a professional to create a great explainer video. In the current business climate, everyone is putting out video content. The only way to set yourself aside from the pack is to crate outstanding video content.

Explainer videos allows you to introduce your business and your brand, and let your potential and existing customers why they need you. As a business owner in the United Kingdom, you understand that the game is a little different. With how competitive the economy currently is, you need to out that extra effort into making sure that your business stands out. Explainer videos will do that for you.

Explainer videos have been around for a while but they did not become very popular until the late 2000’s. Using compelling visuals and clear language, these short animated videos will explain your business to its audience in the most compelling manner. Because these videos are animated, a lot more work has to go into ensuring that your business’ message is not in all of the production and editing that explainer videos are usually associated with. The key to making your explainer video outstanding it keeping it centered on the audience. While I understand your excitement about sharing your business and your brand with others, communication is only complete when your audience gets the message you are trying to sell.

How to Make Your Explainer Video Stand Out

As the internet’s reach gets wider, its saturation with video content is also on a dramatic increase. If you are going to set your business apart with explainer videos, here a few things you should factor into its production.

  • An Engaging Story:

All great videos tell a story. You do not want your explainer to be random ramblings about your business; you want to take your audience on a journey. You need to plan your explainer video and come up with a compelling script. The script needs to be properly break down details of what, where and how everything will happen in the video. All great explainer videos have scripts that fully capture the story that is being sold to the audience.  

One of the most common mistakes business owners make with explainer videos, is cramming as many business figures and statistics as they can into a single explainer video. However, reports have shown that while statistics are important, your audience is more likely to remember your explainer video if you told them an engaging story. According to a 2013 report on the power of storytelling, when a group of people were shown presentations that had both statistics and stories, over 60% of the participant remembered the stories while only about 5% remembered the numbers. These numbers show you how important the story is to the success of your explainer video.

No one can tell you business’ story better than you, however it is okay if you need a little help giving this story some structure. If you need to hire a professional to work out scripting issues, please do.

  • High Quality Visuals:

Having a great story is one thing, but telling it right is another thing. It is therefore very important for your explainer video to look as great as possible. The most exciting about explainer videos is the fact that they are animated videos. Animated videos give you so much room for flexibility. You can have as many characters as you want, in as many locations as you want, talking in as many different voices as you want. With explainer videos, there is no limit to what can be done visually. Depending on who your video production company is, the rates might not even be affected as much.

Also, you have to remember that explainer videos are still marketing videos. Make sure that video is littered with your brand identity. Incorporate all your fonts and color schemes into that animated video so that when your audience watch the video, there will be no doubt, whose story they are experiencing. Doing this will not only leave a lasting impact on your audience but it will make sharing it a lot easier for them. By working with an amazing video production team, like we have at Fox and Falcon, you can create an explainer video that will remain on the minds of your audience for weeks to come.

  • Compelling Sound and Background Effects:

Just like the name implies, an explainer video is a video that explains your business. A video is a combination of sound and visuals. If you are going to invest time and resources into creating the perfect visuals, you need to have voice-overs and background effects that match that fire. Most video production companies already have a voice-over service and can handle that. Just ensure that you are involved in the selection process so that you can decide what voice-over service you think will match your brand most perfectly.

  • An Emotional Connection:

The hallmark of all great explainer videos is their ability to relate with the audience and their issues. First, you have to determine your target audience. Did you design this product for professionals or business owners? Are you trying to break into the buy mom market? Knowing whom you are speaking to will help you connect better with them. For example, if you are going to make an explainer video about a children’s reading tablet, you already know that your target audience are parents and their reading age children. Your explainer video can then revolve around a parent who struggles to get their child to read and how your product helped them realize that reading is fun. Your audience can then relate with these characters and even create relationships with them in their head.

  • A call to action:

At the end of your explainer video, make sure to let them know that their problem has already been solved by the solutions that your business offers. A simple, “check out website today!” or “Give us a call now” can go a long way in determining whether they make up their minds about your business or not.

At the end of the day, your explainer video is only as good as the team that puts it together. At Fox and falcon, our team of video production experts have works on several successful explainer videos and they are always looking to make that list longer. If you are a London or Maidenhead business owner looking to take your business to the next level with an explainer video, give Fox and Falcon a call today!