We Are Looking for Runners - Corporate Video Production Maidenhead

Video Production Agency - Maidenhead, Berkshire

Here at Fox and Falcon we are looking for Runners and PA's who need a bit of video production experience to add to their CV. We are a Corporate Video Production agency based out of Maidenhead, Berkshire very close to London. We shoot videos and short corporate films all over the UK and even abroad. 

We thought it would be good to create a blog post on all the things we wish we had known on our first day as a runner. Hopefully these tips will help you when you step on set with us or another team.

  •  It's okay to say no. If you are too busy with another job just let the member of crew know that you have too much on your hands at the moment. It is more important to complete the task you have at hand then to take too much on and not complete anything.
  • If you don't know ask. If you don't understand, ask someone. We where all in your position once and still to this day we don't know the answer to every question. The majority of people on set would be happy to hand down any information they can. Heck its an excuse for us to talk more about filmmaking!
  • Go to the shoot with some questions you may have about the industry and ask the appropriate people. It's a good convocation starter and you will learn along the way.
  • If you break it let someone know. The team wont be mad, it was probably on its last legs or a known problem anyway. Bulbs blow, cables break and bolts fall out, it just what happens over time. You may even have saved even more stress later on when it becomes unfixable!
  • Talk to people. Don't flat out ask to be hired. Talk to people about what they have been shooting recently or what they have coming up, you never know they may need a helping hand in future. Take an interest in them and they will do the same in you.
  • Lastly don't be a know it all. Every year we look back and realise how little we knew the year before. Filmmaking is an Art and you will alway be progressing. You would be amazed how far you come in a short period of time.

Hopefully you found those few points helpful and if you would like to help us on one of our shoots and think you are up to the job contact us here:


We look forward to working with you!