LinkedIn Video Adverts

Linked in now allows video adverts!

Run video ads to drive growth at every stage of the sales cycle. Tailor your video campaigns to build brand awareness, drive website traffic, or generate leads.

Create a Sponsored Content campaign to promote video content on your Company or Showcase Page. Use Direct Sponsored Content to personalise or test video ads for specific audiences, without publishing on your Company Page.

Different marketing goals require different video content. Once you choose your objective, create videos that support your business needs.

To build brand awareness, position yourself as a thought leader, tell your brand story, or share stories of customer success. To generate demand for your business, show a quick demo, webinar sneak peek, or event preview to convince your audience to take action.

Get detailed engagement metrics—like video views, view completion rates, and leads on LinkedIn—that map to your goals. Understand your audience, and what they respond to, with professional demographics.

You can also install the LinkedIn Insight Tag on your website to track leads and conversions.

Why not let us help you to build your advert for LinkedIn?