How Videos Can Boost Your Online Traffic

How Videos Can Boost Your Online Traffic:

If you are looking for a foolproof way to drive traffic to your business website or social media page, video content is the answer. Video content will not only increase your ranking on search engines, but they will also increase engagement with your posts and improve the chances of your content being shared and reposted. A study by Simply Measured revealed that videos generate twelve times the amount of leas that photos and texts do. As a business, it is therefore necessary that you draw up a plan to use marketing online videos to your advantages. If you didn’t already know, here are some of the ways that video content can boost your online traffic.

  • Greater Search Engine Visibility:

If you host your corporate videos on popular video uploading sites like YouTube or Vimeo, you can easily link those videos to your business website. External links are a very important part of the SEO formula so the more video links your site are, the better it will rank on search engines. Also uploading top quality videos to your website will increase the chances of other sites linking to yours. An increase in the number of internal links to your site will also increase its search engine rankings.

  • People Spend Longer Time on Your Page:

Have you noticed that you tend to spend more time on the pages or websites of people and businesses that upload lots of video. Video content is a great way to grasp and hold the attention of current and potential customers. When people spend more time on your page, your search engine rankings go up as time per visit is another important part of the SEO algorithm. Also, the longer people spend on your site, the more likely they are to make a purchase. Trust me, the numbers add up.

Once you find a video production company that can deliver high-level video content, you will realize how far those product reviews and event trailers can take your business.

  • Videos are shareable:

Video content is much easier for people to share. Think about it, when was the last time you shared a long text post? However, I’m sure you have shared a video in the immediate past. Creating video content will make it easier for viewers to share your message ultimately increasing its reach and boosting online traffic.

  • Videos Increase Your Reach on Social Media:

Most social media platforms are starting to prioritize videos in their feed algorithm. This mean that if your page contains a lot of video content, it will show up on the top of most people’s social media feeds. Adding video content to your website and social media page will increase your social media reach, promote brand awareness and convince people to check out your business website.

  • Video content is Here to Stay:

If you have been sitting on your high horse, waiting for the video content frenzy to fade, you will be waiting a long time. Studies have shown that consumers would rather watch a video about a product than read about it. If you have a chance at convincing people to visit your business page, you have to give them what they want.

Videos have been confirmed to increase email marketing and click-through rates. In fact a recent study by Forbes revealed that twenty five percent of consumers are likely to lose interest in a brand due to lack of video content. This is exactly why you need video content.

The thing with online videos is that everyone is doing it. In 2019, it will be almost impossible to find a business that does not have online corporate videos and marketing videos. The question to ask yourself at this point is, “how will my video content stand out?” The answer is simple, hire a video production company that knows what they are doing. Fox and Falcon is not just a video production company based out of Maidenhead, we are a team of videographers that are out to provide you with world-class services.