Who and why do people watch videos online?

Who and why do people watch videos online?

Everywhere you look, people are watching videos. Advertising experts are saying that video marketing is the only way to go in 2019. However, is anyone answering the hard-hitting questions? Has anyone told us why video marketing is pulling the numbers that it is? I mean, who is watching these videos anyway? Understanding the numbers behind video marketing will help you tailor your video marketing campaign to attract the right customer.

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Who is Online Watching Videos?

According to a survey by Pew Internet and American Life Project, seventy-six percent of people who watch online videos are between ages eighteen and twenty-nine. What this means for your business is that if you’re going to reach a larger audience with your marketing videos, you might want to tailor them to appeal to the younger audience. Also, what these numbers mean is that if your business is one that caters to the older audience, you will have to put in a little more effort into researching what your audience wants. You can conduct a market survey or some interviews so that you can gather information on how your marketing videos can strike a chord with the older audience.

Another study by Pew Internet and American Life Project confirmed that male users are more likely to use YouTube than female viewers. This means that if you were trying to target male customers, YouTube would be a good place to start.

In a 2016 study published by Google, teenagers watch sixty-four percent less TV than adults over the age of thirty-five and millennials watch forty-seven percent less TV than adults over the age of thirty-five. DO you understand what these numbers are saying? They are saying that a video marketing campaign aimed at teenagers and millennials will probably be less effective if it is only shown on TV. 

Why are People Watching Videos Anyway?

  • For entertainment: Majority of people who watch videos online do so for entertainment purposes. People want to watch videos that will make them happy and give them something to talk about. Now asking yourself, how entertaining are your marketing videos? Have you been putting out memorable ads? Or are you just winging it? As a business, you need to produce and release marketing video that are memorable and entertaining. Marketing videos that evoke emotions in your viewers are the most likely to generate leads.

  • To Learn Something: A lot of the time, people watch videos because they want to learn something. From YouTube tutorials to makeup videos on Instagram, people are just looking for some information. Creating corporate videos that really inform people about your products and services is a really way to grab their attention.

  • To Pick up a New Hobby: Studies have shown that about fourteen percent of internet users watch videos online to pick up a new hobby or interest. You could create a corporate video series for people with hobbies or interests that relate to your products or services. This might be a great way to draw attention to your business.

  • To Stay up to Date with Trends: If there’s anything the average internet user hates, it is being left behind on internet trends. You can create marketing videos around viral content and internet trends. Doing this this will guarantee you a much wider reach.

  • To Find Information on Their Favorite Products: In case you didn’t already know, people are looking for videos about their favorite products. Reviews of their favorite camera, different recipes for their favorite candy, the list is endless. Videos are the perfect way to introduce your product or service to consumers. They will tell your story much clearer than photos or text. You can create fun and educational corporate videos about your products and services to get people on board.

In addition to all that we have discussed, people also watch online videos to relax, to connect with people and even to pick up new information. Understanding all of these trends and statistics are important if you are going to create a marketing video that will grasp the attention of customers. As a business, understanding market forces and the reasons behind customer purchases is one the ways to ensure sustainability.

Creating videos that will address all the needs of customers like those that we have earlier discussed is always better done by professionals. As a Maidenhead video production company, Fox and Falcon is always on top of trends and we can guarantee that your corporate videos will be too. If you are a Berkshire or Maidenhead company in search of talented and experienced videographers, give us a call today!