How Videos Can Grow Your Business’ Social Media Presence

If you have been paying any attention to business trends in recent years, then you already know why social media is important to your business. Your business’ internet presence is driven largely by your social media presence. The more engagement your social media pages get, the wider the reach of your business. In fact, any business or brand that is serious about reaching the ends of the world with its products and services needs to invest greatly in building a social media presence.

With social media, the key is to hold your audience’s attention and keep them wanting more. The fastest and most effective way to do this is using videos. The social media pages with the most engagement are usually those who use videos and graphics to their advantage. If upward is the way you are looking to take your social media presence, then you already have the answer…


Video content is in high demand because of its ability to connect with various demographics. You could be a high school too scrolling through Instagram or a middle-aged teacher Surfing through LinkedIn. Whatever the case may be, video content is guaranteed to draw people in and keep people fixated on your social media page. Although we have already make a case for video content and a robust social media presence, I know some of you are not all the way there yet. So, if you are unsure whether investing your business’ time and resources into video production for your social media page is worth the hassle, here are a few ways video content can take your social media page from, “I’m skipping this” to “I definitely need to see this.”

  • Videos Increase Social Media Engagement:

I know we have heard digital marketers throw around “engagement” a lot and some of you may be wondering, “what’s that?” It simply means how often people interact with your social media page i.e. how many times they view your posts, how many times they like and share your posts, how many times they act on what your posts suggest. All of these can be increased greatly by making video content a regular feature on your social media page. The higher the engagement your social media page gets, the more people get to see your posts and your page in general. Now, imagine what that could do for your business?

  • Increases Awareness for Your Brand:

Social media users are more likely to tell others about the awesome video they saw on your page than the lengthy post you made about your business. If you want more people to share information about your business, then you need to pay more attention to video production.

  • Everyone is doing it:

Usually, when people say, “everyone is doing it”, it is usually not for good. Well, not in this case. With the increasing rate of video content being put out lately. Any business that does not take advantage of the opportunity is going to be left behind. Chances that your audience will choose to read a lengthy text post over fun and informative video about your business are slim to none. Therefore, if you don’t want people scrolling past your page every time, you need to join the bandwagon and invest in video production for your social media page.

Although video content is bound to take your social media presence to the next level if you do not do it right, you might be doing more harm than good. Shabbily produced videos will more likely turn people off your page than bring them in. So if you’re going to join the bandwagon, join with a bang and knock it out of the park. All you need to do is hire a professional. For businesses in Berkshire and London, Fox and Falcon are exactly what you are looking for. Our video production company comprises of highly skilled videographers that will work with you to ensure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to the video content on your business’ social media page. Visit our website and get started on expanding your business’ social media reach.