The £1000 Music Video - Aracara 24/7

Aracara music video Ursa Mini 4.6K

We created a music video for Aracara for £1000… This is how we did it!

Aracara contacted our video production company with a budget of £1000 for her new single 24/7. Her only requests where to keep it minimal, pastel colours and incorporate slow motion. We felt like being a little bit frugal and 500+ miles of driving later we had a 2 man crew to pull the job together. Aracara had a couple of small bits that helped us to make this possible. Her sister is in dance school and came down with a male counterpart to add something a little different to the video.

I have had a slow motion paint idea I have always wanted to put to action, so I showed Aracara some sample images on Pintrest to give her an idea of the vision I had for the video. After we had figured out a basic idea of what the concept and was we booked Cineview Studios in Woolwich, London for the day for £120 which was the perfect size for a small music video like this.

We went with a pink/purple and green colour scheme, blasting a CineoLighting Standard 410 tuned to pink/purple against the back of the cyc wall. We had octobox placed in of to the right in front of Aracara with a green/teal gel. Slightly further to the right we had a Arri 2k firing through a sheet of diffusion and hiting one of our custom made gel frames with a green gel in.

The music video was shoot a BlackMagic Ursa Mini 4.6k with Samyang Cine lenses. Switching between 24mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm we got our wide, Mid and close up shots for each scenario we set up.

You can see what we created here:

Fox and Falcon - Maidenhead, Berkshire Near London - Video Production

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