Ursa Mini 4.6k Camera Set Up - A Camera


Fox and Falcon - Video Production Agency

The BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6k EF is our go to camera. It is incredible in terms of value and is leaps a head of its competitors in our eyes. We use 2 in our standard corporate video production set up. We have one rigged ready for tripod and shoulder use. Which is good for quick shots, talking head interviews and run and gun filming. The second camera is rigged a little bit lighter than the A - Cam and is mounts to our steadicam rig.

The additional things we have added to the shoulder kit are 15mm Rods to hold the swing away matte box, two cold shoe mounts for adding small lights, mic packs and/or a shotgun mount. All these things a regularly switched around on corporate business shoots.


We will break down all our equipment over the next few week so stay tuned!

B Camera, Lenses, Tripods/Grip and Lighting.

Fox and Falcon - Maidenhead, Berkshire // London Corporate Video Production