Should you buy the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera? BMPCC4k Review

Ultimately, would you buy the new BlackMagic Pocket Cinema 4k? 

I have now had the camera for a few weeks to play around with and test it out on sets and and for a few video production projects. It’s set up is exactly the same as my Black Magic Ursa mini 4.6k, so it was incredibly easy to jump right in and get on with it. I added a MTF to EF adapter with a speed boost to mine as I prominently use EF and Canon lenses. The camera is a slight bit bigger than a Canon 5d and is the perfect carry around camera. Unfortunately the Ursa Mini is hard to chuck in a bag and go on a quick adventure to see mates and film along the way. (This hasn’t stopped me doing this however!)

It was kind of refreshing to have a DSLR style camera round my neck and to be able to just shot what I wanted when I wanted, along with basically the same quality of its older brother the mini. I am someone who suffers from wanting everything to be perfect and for me shooting on something that is any less then perfect for the job really bugs me. (This is utterly ridiculous i know!)

I recently took the Pocket camera on a little adventure to Dublin, Ireland where my girlfriend was getting tattooed. This was the perfect time to test the travel aspect of the camera along with playing with the new low light capabilities. The cameras native ISO is 1600 and 3200, it has dual native ISO and copes with the point and shoot aspects of filming a lot better than its predecessors in situations where you can’t light the scene or talent yourself. You can also smash the ISO up high if you really have to without too much issue if it is really make or break for the shot. (you would rather get the shot then not!)

One of the only things I don’t like about the camera however is because of the large touch screen monitor on the back, if you wish to leave the camera on and round your neck on a camera strap; by the time you have walked down the road you will have changed your settings and multiple times I changed the file names and almost formatted my card more than once! obviously the camera wasn’t built with this kind of shooting in mind but really it was. 

Let’s talk about the battery life, it’s not amazing, but its no worse than the A7S ii. It uses the LP6 batteries which are a very common batteries used in the Canon 6d, 5D and many others. Obviously it isn’t going to last as long as a V-lock on one of my other camera and that is just a tiny negative to take into consideration when using the new camera. After all you could carry about 8 of the batteries for one V-lock.

What and who is the camera good for?

commercial video production, corporate film production, independent film companies, music video you name it! it is incredibly versatile and would be great for basically anything! The colour science is strong and is a real competitor in the media production space. It would appear BlackMagic are not stopping here and I am excited to see what comes next. Hopefully we will see Blackmagic RAW added soon and from there I think we will see it sneaking its way onto a few Hollywood sets. (Even if it is just as a crash cam)

The camera is around £1200. Which is insane! It’s value for money is like no other in the field at the moment. BlackMagic just need to start getting these products out to people on the dates they say they will.

If you would like to know anything more, let me know via email or I am very active via Instagram.

You can see the short video I shot in Dublin here:


BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera // BMPCC4K - Review

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